We all know how generous and helpful Sonu Sood has been throughout the pandemic. This one-man-army has reached many and helped them. Doing the same, this time, he gifted smartphones to students.

The Sood foundation with Mi India gifted smartphones to students in Alappuzha in Kerala. Amidst the pandemic, many couldn’t get access to online education. As always, Sonu came forward to help.

It happened when Dr. Radhika Batra, who is also actively working for people affected by Covid-19, reached out to the actor. 

She took to Twitter to ask for help. Here’s what she said. 

Within two days, he reached out to help. The actor made sure the students don’t miss out on their education and said. 

Later, she thanked the actor for his generous support. 

In January 2021, Mi India collaborated with actor Sonu Sood to launch the ‘ShikshaHarHaath’ initiative. The aim was to empower students across the country and help them study better.

We need many more heroes like him.