Shah Rukh Khan hasn’t been one to shy away from controversies. But of course, he has always done so with class and elegance. 

Which is why Reddit can’t get over this old interview of his, where he spoke about the reason behind not posing with his co-stars on magazine covers. 

The actor stated that magazine simply sensationalise those images and he refuses to be a part of it. He also added that every co-star he acts with, he is linked to, regardless of their age and relationship with him. 

India TV
I think that’s disgusting. Kajol & me? Come on, she’s just a child, Aunt Tanuja’s daughter, my little sister. Even Gauri likes them. 

In this particular interview, he spoke of how he might stop acting with specific co-stars if he continued to be linked with them. 

I didn’t go to bed with them. I didn’t go to bed with Kajol. I respect my costars. Somehow girls don’t turn me on I’m not gay, but I’m not carried away by a beautiful face. 
India TV

And that if he really did decide to have an affair, people would never know. 

If… just if… I really have an affair with anyone, nobody will find out, I’m too smart, too good an actor to let the world know what’s going on. 

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In true SRK fashion, he shut down his haters with this interview.