When it comes to responding to something, most Bollywood celebrities, in interviews or otherwise, tend to be diplomatic. Of course, they attract controversies like a moth to the flame, so it’s best that way. 

However, there are a select few that choose to speak their minds regardless of the circumstances. Suniel Shetty, a veteran actor, is one of those who never flinch from giving it back to a troll or a contemporary.

We’ve picked up a few instances where Suniel Shetty‘s savage response completely won the day.

1. When the actor reacted to being wrongly labeled “#GutkaKingofIndia”.

Suniel Shetty was recently mistaken for a tobacco brand ambassador by a social media user. While condemning Ajay, Shah Rukh Khan, and Akshay Kumar for endorsing a tobacco brand, they had mistakenly tagged the actor instead of Ajay Devgn. Suniel Shetty was startled by the tweet and responded with a brilliant comeback.

2. When he made a logical remark about Athiya’s relationship. 

For a long time, there have been rumours about KL Rahul’s relationship with Athiya Shetty. At an event, Suniel Shetty was approached to comment on his daughter’s relationship with the Indian batsman. Instead of being startled by the question, the Bollywood actor had a snappy response ready.

I am not having the relationship. You will have to ask Athiya. You come and tell me if it is true, then we will talk about it. You don’t know, how can you ask me then. 

-Suniel Shetty

3. When Shetty had the best tip for a troll.

Recently, Suniel Shetty shared an appreciation post for KL Rahul after he made a brilliant century against Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League. A troll decided to poke fun at the Bollywood actor, but he immediately learned who he was messing with.


4. When he gave it back to Anil Kapoor. 

Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty were two of the biggest action actors in the ’90s, and they teamed up for several iconic films. According to reports, Anil Kapoor took a jab at the two actors amid the success of Mohra. Suniel Shetty and Akshay Kumar were ridiculed by Kapoor as “two half-heroes” who united to play a single hero.


However, Suniel was offended by the actor’s snide remark, and he retaliated by claiming that the popularity of Anil Kapoor’s Mr. India was owing to “zero hero,” because Anil’s character is invisible for almost the entire film.


5. When he claimed that Hera Pheri‘s main cast is indispensable.

In an interview, the actor was asked who should play the major characters in a remake of Hera Pheri, a comedic cult film. Rather than being tactful and proposing any random actors, Shetty declared that the original cast cannot be altered. We wholly agree.

The next gen doesn’t have it in them to make a film like Hera Pheri. Not possible. 
The Indian Express

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