Over the past few days, we’ve discovered that Sushant Singh Rajput was a believer, dreamer, science buff and a down-to-earth, gem of a person who knew how to live his life beyond the measured inches of the silver screen.  

In order to keep the actor’s legacy alive and document all the positive thoughts and energy that he’s left behind, his team is launching a website in his honour.   

Indian Express

The official announcement to kickstart his website titled, ‘Self Musing’ was made with a heartwarming message on the actor’s verified Facebook page that read: 

Fans like you were real “godfather” for Sushant. As promised to him, converting this space into a collection of all his thoughts, learnings, dreams, and wishes, he always wanted people to know. Yes, we are documenting all the positive energies ⚡ he has left behind in this world. 

Even though the website is currently in the developing stages, it has a landing page that features a different, motivational quote by the actor every time you refresh it. 

Self Musing

Spreading joy and positivity during these tough times is the ray of hope we need to survive this horrid year. Sushant Singh Rajput will always be remembered for all the great deeds he did.

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