Actor Irrfan Khan passed away on April 29, 2020, and his wife, writer Sutapa Sikdar has been posting about Irrfan, their memories, and how she wants to keep his legacy alive on Facebook. Her recent post was about how she and Irrfan always wanted to have a daughter.

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However, a fan commented on that post about a photo of Irrfan's grave that circulated on social media, after his friend, actor Chandan Roy Sanyal visited the grave and penned a note for Irrfan. 

The fan commented on Sutapa's post that Irrfan's grave looked like a 'trash dumpster' and questioned Sutapa over it. She responded to the comment and asked the need for 'everything to be as defined'. 

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Sutapa added that in her opinion, the graveyard was being tended but there was no need for it to look as per defined norms. 

The wild plants grass have grown in rains... It's wild and beautiful is what I saw in the photo you are mentioning.. its rains and plants come and they wither in the next season...and then one can clean it. Why should everything be exactly as per definition... And the plants have grown may be for a purpose look closely.
Sutapa and Irrfan
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Irrfan Khan is survived by his wife Sutapa, and two sons.