It is no secret that Zoya Akhtar is one of the few directors whose stories always remain rooted in reality, and whose characters may not be perfect, but are always real. 

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But the one character from her movies that to date, remains one of the most woke, amazing, well-written characters, is Sunny from Dil Dhadakne Do


Played by Farhan Akhtar, Sunny had a small role to play in the film, where his presence primarily acted as a catalyst for Ayesha (Priyanka) to take control of her life. 

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However, it took him all of one scene to win over the entire audience, and provide the most simple yet perfect explanation of why patriarchy needs to end. 

Right after the song, Gallan Goodiyan, the group gets together to catch a breath, praise Indu chachi for her dancing skills, and discuss Sunny’s work as a journalist. 

It is here that the discussion veers to equal rights and Ayesha’s husband, Manav’s (Rahul Bose), comments reek of inherent patriarchy – the kind that men, and a fair share of women, are so accustomed to, that they don’t even realize they’re being chauvinistic or sexist. 

And, Sunny’s response is so succinctly put, that not only does he manage to shut Manav up (hell yeah), but he also makes it clear what it means to be a feminist. 

Patriarchy isn’t just about the obvious ways in which women are put down by society. It is also about the countless, thoughtless actions that undermine a woman’s position in society, while catering to a man’s superiority complex. 


Feminism demands a constant change in our ideologies and thought process, so we may weed out the deeply embedded roots of patriarchy and strive for an equal society. Being a feminist should not be a ‘checklist’, but rather, a way of life. 

This is why, while there were multiple memorable dialogues and scenes in the film, this scene continues to have a special place in our hearts. You can watch it here: 

Now, if only guys like Sunny existed in the real world.