There was something different and emotional about the 90s. Whether it was the cassettes, cartoons, or candies, each recollection from that era takes us back in time, especially the snacks and munchies.

Apoorva Savant, a social media user, took to her account and shared a picture of famous bubble gum from the 90s. The image, which bought several memories back from our childhood, sent a bunch of 90s kids on a sweet ride of nostalgia.

In her tweet, she wrote how she was hit by nostalgia with the picture and also asked netizens if they remember the name of this bubble gum.

In her next tweet, she mentioned how ‘red bull’ always reminded her of this chewing gum.

In her concluding tweet, she finally cracked the name of this bubble gum.

Netizens, who were still soaked in nostalgia, also chimed in, and here are the best responses:

Kya jaldi jaldi bade ho gaye na hum log?