Ever since Season 2 of The Family Man released on Amazon Prime, fans have been dissecting the show, picking their favourite characters (Team Atharva FTW), and finding new stars (Chellam sir). 

But what no one is focusing on is the tragedy that befalls Mr. Sambit throughout the entire series. The poor guy never seems to be able to drink his tea!

Yes, the PM’s advisor is naturally a busy man. But to ask him for information right when he is about to sip his tea? That’s the greatest unrequited love story ever told and as a chai lover, I simply can’t bear it. 

And then, it’s just his bad luck that while others enjoy a cup of tea, the kettle is empty right when he wants to pour some for himself. 

Is this bad karma for Taare Zameen Par? Asking for a friend. 

To rub salt on the wounds, the one time he comes close to enjoying his tea, he is first interrupted by a phone call. 

And then encounters the same issue that birthed our love-hate relationship with biscuits – the case of the biscuit dip! 

Things get so bad, that he actually starts refusing tea – because he knows he won’t be able to enjoy it. If that isn’t a travesty, what is?

If we can’t deal with our bosses and colleagues without first sipping a cup of the perfect tea, then how can we expect the PM’s advisor to deal with Kulkarni’s demands and rebel groups’ threats? So, here’s hoping the show returns for a third season, and Sambit finally gets to enjoy a cup of tea!

All images are screenshots from the season, streaming on Amazon Prime Video