Starring Ranbir Kapoor and Rashmika Mandanna, Animal has got the internet talking. The trailer of the film was already a part of online discourse, but the film had added fuel to the fire. People are calling out the film for its glorified violence, misogyny, and various other things that are triggering to watch. While we don’t want to give you spoilers, the least we can say is that the movie will make you feel queasy.

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Borrowing from the Marvel universe, Sandeep Reddy Vanga added a post-credit scene in the movie. The post-credits hint towards a sequel. Those who have watched the film have their reservations about Animal Park. We talked to 10 people who have watched Animal and asked them to tell us what thoughts they have about the film.

1. “Tripti Dimri is going to be the lead in the next film. She will have a sinister role but she will be highly sexualised for no reason.” – Yash Raj

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2. “Bobby’s siblings will show up to avenge Bobby’s death and it will be even more graphic.” – Simran

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3. “I think the new Ranbir (Aziz Haq) would come and confront the original Ranbir and try to kill his family. What follows is more bloodshed and murders.” – Aaliyah Jain


4. “I feel like they’d find some other, more creative way to justify male rage, in its most destructive form. Apparently, men and their brutality have a place in the world as long as it has a ‘deeper’ purpose, like family feuds.” – Harshita Singh

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5. “I overheard someone say that Ranbir Kapoor’s character might not be the real son of ‘the lineage’. They might explore that in the sequel and that will lead to even more bloodshed and bad storytelling.” – Manya Ailawadi


6. “The sequel will have various sub-plots like this one only but all of them will just not make any sense.” – Abhijit

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7. “A major part of the audience draws influence from dialogues and songs. It becomes the duty of the makers to see what ‘art’ they are putting out. The sequel will do more harm than good.” – Prateek Verma

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8. “What will follow is an endless and unnecessary drama where toxic families, marriages, partners, and parents will be put on a pedestal. Some scenes triggered me, the sequel will have more scenes that will be triggering for people who are a victim of abuse.” – Rohil Varma

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9. “Ranbir and Rashmika’s toxic marriage will be glorified as an ideal marriage.” – Nikita Srivastava

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10. “The film had undertones of xenophobia. An entire community was portrayed in a certain way. In the times that we live in, people will not see that as just a movie but rather as something that holds true.” – Amaan Khan

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Many people who watched the movie have said that they don’t want to watch the sequel. And we understand.