If you think Indian daily soaps can only represent the saas-bahu banters and glorify toxicity then you are mistaken. Because Indian TV also has the mind-boggling ability to give non-living things some dangerous powers. 

According to some prime-time serials, seemingly innocent everyday items might lead to your death in a tragic turn of events. I think these things should now come with a disclaimer. Folks, buy them at your own risk.

1. Electric fans 

Recently in a daily soap, a woman’s dupatta gets caught in the blades of an electric fan, choking her to death. I mean how could a table fan be placed right in the middle of a place, didn’t anyone know how fatal these could be?

2. Duracell Batteries

Who knew two innocent remote batteries could be used to trigger someone to slip, lose balance, and hit the holy thali, resulting in a major mishap? Next time know about the nefarious intentions of your family members before you go to buy ’em batteries!

3. Curtains 

When the odds are stacked against you, even the good old curtains in your living room can become the cause of your death. Sasural Simar Ka made it happen. 

4. Balconies

Remember how kids are barred from going to the edge of the balcony at home? Even grown-ups, it seems, need a disclaimer, as there is a serious risk of them simply… falling off.

5. Suitcases 

In Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, the protagonist trips, strikes her head into the wall, and lands in a very tiny suitcase. Someone mysteriously zips the same suitcase and carries it only to toss her into the pool, where she may drown.

6. Saree ka pallu / Dupattas in general 

Sasural Simar Ka is at it again. A woman, on her knees, pleading Mataji for whatever reason eventually gets strangled by her saree ka pallu, which Mataji is completely unaware of. Damn it, she almost choked herself to death!

Sukhbeer Brar

With this, we have 21st-century murder weapons that are more dangerous than good old knives and guns.