Be it Bollywood, Hollywood, or any other cinema– there are some things that these stories always get wrong! And believe always! I mean, I get it we need to beautify things on-screen to look good and presentable. But maybe not make it so obvious for viewers to guess it? Like can we actually pour coffee into the mug? So when an artist takes a sip, it doesn’t look unreal.

Also, who dies on the spot after being shot by a gun? Maybe be sensitive enough to give them some time? One last thing, we know no one looks so good after waking up. So show us some reality there? People on Reddit have a list of things that movies & TV shows get wrong, and they scream the truth!  

1. “The speed at which police forensics can take place. They solve things in minutes that really take days or weeks or months.”


2. “How absolutely loud gunfire is, especially in enclosed spaces. Hero in a concrete stairwell, no hearing protection bang bang bang. Then hears footsteps as someone sneaks up on them. You’d be deaf and ears ringing for a day after.”


3. “Psych hospitals and mental illness in general. It’s mostly boring. You talk to people. You do therapy and they get you stabilized on meds.”


4. “Cancer treatment. The person always has a completely bald head (no discoloration because that part of the head has rarely seen the sun), but still has their eyebrows (perfectly done) or else they have NO eyebrows (again, perfectly shaved) and they always have their eyelashes. Chemo causes hair to fall out EVERYWHERE, but how many actors are going to let makeup get rid of their eyelashes?”


5. “Childbirth. A lot of times, the water doesn’t break on its own. And labor and delivery take more than a frantic thirty minutes.”


6. “That a school lesson ends in the middle by the bell while the teacher is talking. We plan our lessons to fit into the time period allotted. If we do run over, we’re watching the clock and wrap it up before the bell.”


7. “Drinking coffee! How can you eff that up on film? They always have empty cups and it’s so obvious from the way they carry the cups to the way they sip.”


8. “Alcoholism. Idk why but it seems to be romanticised in film. There is nothing fun or romantic about it, believe me.”


9. “I think friendships, in some TV shows they make it seem like your friends will always be there, or some, comment about how friends are supposed to do this for you and that, I think it’s extremely exaggerated.”


10. “Cars don’t actually blow up… They might catch fire or smoke, but they won’t ever make a huge explosion.”


11. “Any relationship in a romantic comedy would be classified as stalking or harassment in the real world.”


12. “Horse riding. Horses never ever neigh when riding them – unless they happen to be calling out to another horse. They certainly do not grunt, groan, whinny, or nicker anywhere close to what is depicted in the movies.”


13. “People getting knocked out and waking up a bit later, shaking their heads, and then heading off like normal. Getting knocked out is not like lightly bumping your head on something.”


14. “You don’t have to wait 24 hours to report someone missing.”


15. “Drowning. It’s usually silent. Also, you don’t stay floating at the top of the water when you drown. Your lungs are full of water, you will sink. Someone asked me how dead bodies float after drawing if they just took on all that water and I had to explain this to them.”


16. “Waking up. Perfect hair, no eye boogers, no saliva stains, even mild make-up, and all smiles, fun, and giggles sunshine. No way.”


17. “Sex. No foreplay, no lube, just immediate penetration with overacted movements and lasts for 23 seconds.”


18. “Depression. Depressed characters often have this dreamy melancholic deep atmosphere around them. In reality, depression is pretty much the opposite of all those things. It’s the complete absence of anything that goes beyond simple, cold, profane reality. Plus pain.”


19. “Rain. A light shower will almost never show up on film/screen so it seems that if the scene calls for rain, they get out the fire hose/sprinkler and just drench everyone in a massive downpour.”


20. “Love scenes, like everyone has the most magical music playing during those moments!? I think not!”


Let us all evolve a little, shall we?

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