It is no secret that our society operates on double standards. Let us contemplate varying clothing choices as a reference. We have no problem with what men choose to wear, but our flesh burns when women experiment with their wardrobes. Case in point, the rampant trolling of Uorfi Javed.

Uorfi Javed is a budding actress and a popular Internet celebrity who often becomes a subject of contention because of her offbeat and quirky experiments with her outfits. Naturally, a woman trying to explore something unconventional offends the self-proclaimed guards of morality. They paint their painful opinions in her comments, DMs, and even Literature festivals.

Uorfi Javed experimental clothing choices
Uorfi Javed – Instagram

There’s a sense of normalised sadism that lurks in the online world, which has made us insensitive about the wounds our words can inflict. Trollers have personal problems with whatever the actress does. But Javed always has the most unapologetically savage way of dealing with them. Here are 8 things we learned about Uorfi Javed about life, work, problems, & everything in between.

1. The subtle art of not giving a f*ck. Even without reading the book

With the Internet in the picture, frustrations have escalated. Now, anybody who has a mobile phone with the Internet can type their most vile sentiments on social media. And in Uorfi’s case, people have a LOT of unsolicited opinions about her. But the actress is a walking example of how not to give two effs to haters & keep doing what feels right.

Uorfi Javed MissMalini interview
Source: MissMalini Interview with Uorfi Javed

2. The world is hypocritical AF. Call out things if you can

People will have a stand that’s more convenient than the one which is right. People will draw senseless comparisons, voice bigoted shiz, and make ignorant commentaries only to prove their point. What’s really right and true and objective won’t matter for the majority. So call out things, if and when you can.

Uorfi Javed calls out society double standards for women
The Print

3. Troll the trollers

What’s bizarre about trollers is that they don’t hesitate to shower their unwarranted opinions but plead for their life when they get called out. And when it comes to dealing with these online imbeciles, Javed always has the most savage responses.

Uorfi Javed on trolling reaction MissMalini interview
Source: MissMalini Interview with Uorfi Javed

4. How not to let others’ opinions of you bog down your creative spirit

Uorfi never lets her creative energies be dimmed by the rampant trolling and crassness out there. Her looks only get quirkier than ever.

5. You’re on your own, you always have been

Oftentimes we let our expectations of others impact our relationship with them. We forget everybody is the protagonist of their story. In an interview with MissMalini, Javed spoke about how she doesn’t mind if people don’t check up on her.

Uorfi Javed
Source: MissMalini Interview with Uorfi Javed

6. Some people have it easier, it’s just the way life is

We all have met/seen that one fearless person who couldn’t care less about their career because of financial & influential backing. Not to say everybody is the same, but there are people like that. Some of us even felt insecure about how they’ve got it easy while we need to slog for hours every day. There are nepotism debates and conversations around privilege today. All of which is deeply important.

Uorfi Javed on privilege

But what can we really do about this? Quite literally nothing apart from feeling bad about ourselves. In the interview, Javed expressed how she has accepted this, but it doesn’t stop her from working.

Uorfi Javed missmalini interview
Source: MissMalini Interview with Uorfi Javed

7. You can be creative with literally anything

One look at her Instagram, you’d see she has designed her outfits using chains, tapes, cones, mobile phones, basically anything and everything. There’s always a scope for creativity, even in the most unanticipated things. Let your imagination go wild!

Uorfi Javed chains outfit creativity
India Today

8. How to take jokes sportingly

There’s a thin line between funny & offensive. And Uorfi has got it right.

uorfi javed interview MissMalini
Source: MissMalini Interview with Uorfi Javed

Safe to say, she’s a real queen. What do you love about her?

You can watch the complete MissMalini interview here.