Along with growing to be one of India’s most financially viable actors, Kartik Aaryan has also made a name for himself as one of the most humble celebs. In paparazzi videos, he is often seen conversing with his fans and taking the time to reciprocate the love he has been receiving.

People have been praising him not just for his performance but also for his modest demeanour. Therefore, we took the time to gather a few moments where he was incredibly genuine and caring to his fans.

1. When Kartik posed for pictures with photographers at HT India’s Most Stylish event

At HT India’s Most Stylish 2022, Kartik Aaryan shared a special moment with the event’s photographers. He approached the photographers gathering near the red carpet and sat on a chair with them before posing for photos with fans. As he posed for the shots, the actor took a camera from one of the photographers.

2. When he posed for selfies with fans at a mall.

The actor, who is known for being kind to his fans, never shies away from taking selfies with them. He made everyone’s day by posing with them for selfies during an event at the mall where fans were swarming to see the actor.

Kartik Aaryan

3. When he stopped to click pictures with fans on the street.

Kartik was spotted in Mumbai near to the Red Chillies Entertainment office in Mumbai. The actor took some time to mingle with the fans and the media as well as posed for pictures with them.

4. When he warmly met his fans while traveling on an economy flight.

Recently, a video that shows the actor flying in the economy class went viral online, surprising the other passengers. Passengers greeted him pleasantly and he continued to smile at everyone as some of them took pictures of him.

5. When Kartik Aaryan returned to the airport gate to meet a young fan.

Kartik went back to the exit gates later that day to meet a young fan who had been waiting to see him. In the video, the young child can be seen sobbing uncontrollably as Kartik signs his autograph and snaps photos.

6. When he gently tried to comfort a weeping fan.

Kartik took the time to talk with the girl who was sobbing profusely when they encountered an utterly star-struck fan at an event. The actor, who kept attempting to calm the fan down, gave her hugs and signed her diary after she appeared stunned by the encounter.

7. When he came out of his building to meet two fangirls.

Once, two women appeared outside the actor’s Mumbai home in an effort to get his attention. Kartik Aaryan came out of his building to meet them, despite the fact that it didn’t seem quite right to do so. Even so, he expressed his gratitude for the act by posting the video on his Instagram feed.

8. When Kartik Aaryan graciously greeted a CISF official at the airport.

Kartik momentarily paused on his way to the airport to initiate a conversation with the CISF officers stationed at the gate. He truly showed his unwavering humility in the face of fame.

More than just a star.