When you think of talent, we’re sure singer, songwriter and actor Diljit Dosanjh definitely pops up in your mind. But not only is he a multi-talented individual, Dosanjh is also quite an icon! 

He constantly shows up as a responsible member of society and carries himself with so much grace and dignity! Plus, the actor’s films always leave his audience even more in love with him and his talents! So read on, and get watchin’. 

1. Punjab 1984 (2014) – 8.4

The film is about a woman who goes out looking for her missing son, who has also been mislabeled as a terrorist. You can watch Punjab 1984 on Amazon Prime Video.

2. Honsla Rakh (2021) – 8.1

A rom-com drama, Honsla Rakh shows an endearing story of Diljit Dosanjh as a single father looking for love and a mother for his child. Catch it on Amazon Prime Video.

3. Udta Punjab (2016) – 7.8

Udta Punjab is a gripping film about the drug abuse problem that is quite prevalent in Punjab. And TBH Diljit Dosanjh is a true Punjabi cherry on top, for the film. It is available to watch on Netflix

4. Sajjan Singh Rangroot (2018) – 7.6

Sajjan Singh Rangroot tells us a story of a Sikh soldier in the British Indian Army sent off to Europe to fight in the World War. You can watch this film on Netflix.

5. Jatt & Juliet (2012) – 7.5

Jatt & Juliet is a romantic film that revolves around two people’s journey of falling in love in spite of being very different from each other. Catch the film on Disney + Hostar.

6. Soorma (2018) – 7.4

This film here is a biopic based on the Indian field hockey player Sandeep Singh and how he persevered in his career even after facing a debilitating accident that left him paralyzed. Soorma is available to watch on Netflix.      

7. Ambarsariya (2016) – 7.1

An action comedy, Ambarsariya shows Diljit Dosanjh playing an undercover RAW agent on the search for an assassin. 

8. Good Newwz (2019) – 6.9

Good Newzz is a comedy film that shows two couples who are trying to have children via IVF but a ‘mistake’ turns it into a roller-coaster ride. Make it this. Catch this on Amazon Prime Video

9. Sardarji (2015) – 6.4

Sardarji has a hilarious plotline about a man named Jaggi who is a ghost hunter and who ironically ends up falling in love with a ghost! You can watch this on Disney+ Hotstar

10. Shadaa (2019) – 6.3

A comedy about a man looking for a life partner, while also facing immense pressure from his family to tie the knot as soon as possibly, Shadaa will leave you chuckling all throughout. It is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Please keep them coming Diljit!