Have you planned how you’ll be spending this new year’s eve? Because perhaps you’d like to consider doing a cozy web-series marathon, comfortably tucked into a blanket, with friends and family?

And if you do hope to spend the night in, then this list of the top 10 Netflix shows to watch is perfect for you. Take your pick!

1. Money Heist 

I guess none of us have gotten through this year (or the last TBH) without hearing about Money Heist, or its theme song, for that matter. So how can we not recommend this brilliant heist show? 

2. Squid Game 

From Mumbai police using a red light, green light meme to get their point across, to the whole country loving Anupam Tripathi’s performance in the show, Squid Game really gained a great deal of global popularity for its thrilling storyline. 

3. Kota Factory 

Need we explain why Kota Factory is one of the best Netflix shows to have come our way? I mean, Jeetu Bhaiya’s gyaan itself is one of the most profound parts of the series. And then not to mention just how relatable all the characters are (especially to students).

4. Maid 

Maid is being greatly applauded for the brilliant performance by Margaret Qualley and the engrossing plotline. The story revolves around a young woman who flees from an abusive relationship to work at a job cleaning houses to support her and her child. 

5. Little Things Season 4

The adorable chemistry and genuine bond the show depicts between Dhruv and kavya is so, so authentic. And season 4 was even better, because things got very real between the couple as they finally decided to take the relationship to another level. 

6. Sex Education Season 3

Sex Education grasped the attention of its audience since the moment it began. So, we have to mention the show in this list. In season 3, the series shows all the kids going through major life changes, whether its in their relationships or life paths. And it definitely left us all waiting for the next season. 

7. Lupin Part 2

Another great heist show to catch up on, Lupin Part 2  returns showing us another thrilling adventure carried out by smooth criminal Assane Diop!

8. Sex/Life 

This show will give you all the spice you’re looking to end your year with. It depicts the story of a woman bumping into an old lover while she’s still married. And how she can’t seem to forget her exciting escapades with him. 


9. House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths

If you’re interested in true crime documentaries, then House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths, is the show for you. Though we warn you, it may leave you a little creeped out. 

10. Never Have I Ever Season 2

If teenage dramas are your thing, then Never Have I Ever will surely satiate your binge watch cravings. It’s a web series that basically follows the life of Devi, an Indian girl learning how to navigate through adolescence (and that includes, liking two boys at once). 


Which one will you be choosing?