In today’s WTF news, we have journalists with no sense of personal boundary or journalistic ethics. Recently, a news channel decided to write a sexist, disgusting headline to highlight Malaika Arora‘s clothes. 


Why is not wearing a bra “bold” in the first place? And why is it everyone’s business what she wears or doesn’t? Malaika has the choice to wear what she wants, and how she wants, and no one, least of a news website, has the right to pass comments on it.

 It looks like people just found out women have breasts and nipples, hence, this is national news now. Cool, cool, so unproblematic, am I right? *Cough* harassment *cough*.

Twitter, rightfully, dragged the channel for poor journalism and I stan this. 

First, the sexist headline of Deepika and Siddhant from Gehraiyaan, and now this. What happened to quality journalism? Your guess is as good as mine.