NGL, Aditya from Jab We Met was my 6th grade crush. I live in Bombay so I have a close connection with rains and ‘tum se hi’ just adds to that. 

You know, when you’re fascinated with someone, you start hallucinating. I’m so obsessed with the film’s protagonist that while watching Squid Game I yelled OMG ADITYA KASHYAP. But wait, am I alone?

Not just me, but the internet has found an uncanny resemblance between Sang-Woo from Squid Game and Jab We Met’s Aditya. 

I mean, it’s not even our fault. Just look at the similarity between the two characters and it will hit your nerve!

Someone drew a parallel between their traits and well, I’m not surprised.

If we ever make an Indian Squid Game, we’re casting Shahid Kapoor to play Sang-Woo. Netflix, make notes. 

But hey, is it the first time we found a look-alike of Aditya Kashyap? 

You might know Cillian Murphy since The Dark Knight, but well, I know him since Jab We Met!

We want The Peaky Blinders star to sing Tum Se Hi already. Is it too much to ask for?

Here is a compilation of all what you read so far. Good job, Twitter. 

In conclusion, I think ’em glasses are playing the game with us!