Amazon Prime Video’s latest original Modern Love: Mumbai served us all different shades of love The six-story anthology stands different as it gives us a peek into relatable love stories from Mumbai.

Each story is helmed with love, music, food, emotions, and warmth. ‘Baai’ from Modern Love: Mumbai has won our hearts for many reasons. 


Directed by Hansal Mehta, Baai is the story of Manzu (Pratik Gandhi), who craves acceptance in his family and is yet scared to accept his own identity. The character of Baai (Tanuja Samarth) is a fiery figure in the family who is respected by all. 

The story tries to weave childhood trauma, same-sex romance, and communal discord in just 40 minutes. The two elements that make this story stand out are its music and love for food.


The story begins with Manzu returning to Lucky Manzil (ancestral home) in Mumbai to meet his ailing grandmother Baai. We see montages from the past overlapping in his head- it shows us visuals from communal discord in Mumbai during Manzu’s childhood. It also captures Manzu’s battle for acceptance in his family. 


In a powerful yet spine-chilling scene, Baai faces the mob who have entered their house to kill them. Nonetheless, Baai fearlessly opens the door and tells them something, and the rioters leave the house. 

Years later, Manzu, along with the rest of the family, once again ask Baai about how she convinced the mob to leave them alone. And this is what she said:

Paise diye the. Aksar nafrat failaane waale log bikau hote hain. 

Among the many powerful dialogues, this one spoke volumes. It also hinted at the current communal unrest in our country. Like us, even Twitter cannot stop hailing this truthful yet powerful scene from Baai.

Indeed watching Baai from Modern Love: Mumbai was a treat for both eyes and ears. 

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