Netflix’s most popular heist drama recently ended and our favourite robbers offered us some satisfying closure. Undoubtedly, the show shall be sorely missed. From Berlin’s cinematically charming sequences to Tokyo’s badass comebacks, never thought some mastermind thieves could also make a room in my heart. 

However, Twitter missed someone ‘while watching the show as well and he’s none other than *drumrolls* Arturo Roman!

TV Fanatic

He’s one such character whom we love to hate and wanted to see him die since the beginning of the show. I mean, would Money Heist even be complete without Denver calling his favorite hostage Arturito? (A A A A, laughs in Denver)

Daily Express

Twitter is the most honest space ever, it expresses what it thinks and right now it’s unhappy to not see the most obnoxious character in the finale of Money Heist and here’s what it feels:

Till then, keep guessing what he’s been busy doing since his favourite robbers were inside the bank!