Needless to mention, there’s something different about mothers, they have a different way to show their unconditional love.

Amma's Special Plate
Credits: Netflix

Vikram S Buddhanesan, a social media user, took to his account to share a short tale that left the internet sobbing. In his tweet, he mentioned that her late amma’s plate has been special to her, as she used to eat on that plate for the last two decades.

He also wrote that no one, besides him and his niece, was allowed to eat on her plate.

In the following tweet, he mentioned that after her sad demise, he came to know that his amma’s beloved plate, was, in fact, a prize he won in 1999, when he was in the seventh standard. 

He cited how she had been treasuring the plate for the last two decades and never mentioned it to him. He concluded the tweet by writing about how much he misses her.

Needless to mention, this incident left the internet in tears. Take a look.

There’s nothing like a mother’s love, is there?