Bollywood, time and again has given people in other states a very warped idea of how South Indians actually live. Especially ‘Madarasi‘ who drink filter coffee in their large open and airy houses, and worship Rajnikanth. 

Thankfully, this Twitter user pointed out exactly what we’ve all been trying to say for ages, *this* is not real. 

Because let’s be honest, if you step into a Chennai household, it is most likely an apartment. Yes, there is filter coffee but we’re having it on our sofa while watching TV and not all of us scream 5 octaves higher when we hear Rajnikanth’s name. And just to be clear, there is more to South Indian food than just idli dosa. *throws pongal*

Yes these houses are gorgeous and we appreciate them – as one should, they’re beautiful! However, we are tired of the stereotypes. 

While idealising a culture is what is often expected of the film industry, it is synonymous with stereotyping when it comes to Bollywood.