As we all know, earlier this week, Akshay Kumar was called out for endorsing the pan masala brand, Vimal. It seems, an old video of the actor talking about his views on tobacco consumption surfaced online that completely contradicted his Vimal endorsement. To make matters worse, the celeb published an apology for the endorsement that has raised some eyebrows.

In his post, the actor has said, ‘I have not and will not endorse tobacco,’ but unfortunately, this isn’t the first time he has done an ad endorsing it. The celeb once did an ad for a cigarette brand too. And Twitter has called this out as well. 

Where in an old video, Akshay Kumar had claimed that he believes in the concept of ‘swasth Bharat,’ he has worked with two organisations that obviously go against these words of his. 

Here’s how other netizens have responded to the smoke brand’s ad. 

Though this isn’t the only time netizens brought attention to the actor’s cigarette ad. It seems people called it out long before this Vimal fiasco as well. 

Clearly, nothing is ever forgotten, or lost, on the internet.