Now that Vicky and Katrina are married and news websites are scrapping the bottom of the barrel for content (Kab tak sabyasachi lehenga chunari karenge), we will soon be stepping into interview mode. So we imagined what Vicky Kaushal might be asked now that he’s married. 

1. Would you still be working after marriage? 


2. Have you guys discussed starting a family?


3. How are you planning on dividing time between your family and making films? 


4. Would be as active in the filmmaking business now that you are married? 


5. Have you considered becoming a producer, so that you can have more time off sets? 


6. Would you still be intimate scenes with co-stars? How do you think that would affect you personal life? 


7. Vicky, have you spoken to any of your exes since your wedding, given that it’s a small and inescapable industry? 

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8. What about Karva chauth? Do you think Katrina would be home early before the moon comes up or are you just going to skip the whole thing? 

9. When you do have kids, what faith do you think they might grow up in? 


10. Has being married changed your perspective towards acting? 

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11. Will you take Katrina’s last name or will you add the Kaif in the end and go by Vicky Kaushal Kaif?


13. Does the fact that your partner is a more successfull actor be a problem in the relationship? 


14. Can you tell us more about what you wore for the wedding? Like, why did you go with Sabyasachi, was there any specific significance to any of the designs? 

Indian Express

15. Have you spoken to Salman Khan yet? Has he congratulated you? 


16. Do you believe you will be cast in different roles now that you are a family man? 

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17. How would you set the right example for your children? 


18. When can we expect children? 


19. You look far happier now than you did before marriage. Will you still be open to doing dance numbers now that you are wed? 


20. We heard you are becoming neighbours with Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma? How’s your equation with Virat? 

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I will bet my rent, more than half these questions will actually get asked. To Katrina, of course. This is, of course, a joke at the expense of journalists asking these questions. We really hope for the sake of sanity, they don’t but then again, we know they will.