As we all know, the much awaited and rumoured wedding between Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal is is about to take place, and there is a load of mystery around the entire event. There has been a lot of speculation around their guest list, about them having secret codes to enter the venue, about there being a ‘no phone’ policy. And now, there’s one more speculation being added to the entire list!


According to certain sources, the couple has sold the right to their wedding footage to an OTT platform for around Rs 80 crore. This may mean that the janta will be able to watch their wedding video almost as if it’s some fairytale documentary. According to the rumours, the rights have been sold to Amazon Prime Video. Yep. Are you also low-key excited about being able to watch this Bollywood wedding? 


I am already trying to imagine what they’ll both be wearing at the mandap.