While returning to South Korea after the Permission to Dance on Stage concerts in Las Vegas, BTS member Kim Taehyung starred in an endearing incident that went viral on social media. The septet had arrived in their homeland and was greeted at the airport by a swarm of paparazzi and fans.

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With the local press encircling the K-pop stars, V double-checked to see if a female reporter who nearly smashed into a pillar while filming him was okay or if she had been hurt. BTS’ fandom ARMY, which keeps a tight tab on the band’s every move, didn’t miss this moment, as they often do.

The BTS vocalist’s gentlemanly demeanour was captured on camera, and he once again won the hearts of his fans.

The short video instantly went viral on social media, with fans of the Korean idol group praising the artist for his thoughtfulness. Here’s how they reacted. 

This isn’t the first time a member of BTS has made headlines for their considerate treatment of fans or the media. It’s one of the reasons why the Korean band has a special place in the hearts of music fans worldwide.