If you’re looking to start the year with some inspirational words, then this clip of Pankaj Tripathi will surely give you a great perspective for 2022. In it, he’s giving us some brilliant words to live by, especially if the last year served you some trying times. 


Pankaj Tripathi reminded us of the age old saying, ‘Change is the only constant.’ How life constantly gives us both good and bad phases and that means we can’t take our failures or successes too seriously. Where one year of your life might have been the worst one you’ve seen in your entire life, another could easily be the best. And none of these phases promise to stay.

Toh zindagi mein jo utaar chadhav hote hain naa humaare, woh aise hi hain. Toh kabhi pareshan mat hona. Jo abhi hai aapke saath hai, ye kal nahi rahega. Failure bhi aur success bhi. 

So, perhaps it’s healthier for us to go with the flow, at least to the extent where you’re not trying to control every single aspect of your life. Plus, not everything in life can be controlled! And one other really great thing we can all learn from this video of his is, to not get disheartened by our failures. Whether those are failures in our careers or in our love lives and personal relationships. As long as you’re self-reflecting and willing to be a better person each day, none of these ‘failures,’ define you. You can watch the clip here. 

And here’s how some people responded to his wise words. 

Pankaj Tripathi forever giving us ace advice!