Ever since Darlings was released on Netflix on August 5, the ones who have watched the movie collectively agree that Vijay Varma has stolen the show. His portrayal of Hamza, as the abusive husband, was nothing short of spectacular. His performance has won him many fans. But now apart from the performance, Vijay Varma is winning the internet with this tweet.

Netflix India

An entertainment magazine took to Twitter and shared a quote said by Vijay Varma. The tweet mentioned how “the success of #AliaBhatt’s #Darlings has assured his parents that his acting career won’t leave him hungry.” The tweet has received more than 2K likes.

It was all fun and games until Vijay Varma replied to that tweet and clarified that the comment was for the success of Gully Boy and not Darlings.

Vijay’s tweet has received more than 6K likes. In a sense, Vijay ratioed the magazine. Fans cannot get over this. 

Hamza has now emerged as the most hated character in Bollywood, and that speaks volumes for a phenomenal performance by an actor. Take a bow, Vijay Varma, should we say Versatile Varma?