In association with Heineken®

‘It’s a bird? It’s a plane? Oh no, it’s actually just another influencaa.’ 

That’s about right. Digital influencers are everywhere and well, setting the tone in this social media-driven world of ours. From spreading joy with their side-splitting comedy content, to wielding their power and position into amplifying underrepresented voices and smaller brands — these creators are dripping with inspiration and we cannot get enough of them!

So obviously, when a couple of our favourite Instagram stars started disappearing online, we had to sit up and take notice. And by ‘disappear’, we legit mean vanishing in thin air! Fascinating, right? So, here’s what happened. 

It all started with some of the coolest faces we know on Instagram like Karan Tacker, Krishna Shroff, Jordindian, BeYouNick, Apoorva Arora, etc. posting a video of them doing their usual acts, that we didn’t make much of initially. But these videos came with a twist. In the end, a sound of a bottle or a can being popped open can be heard, and before we know it, they vanish! Check them out for yourself.

Yup. We too initially were quite curious looking at each of them disappearing one after the other. However, if you noticed, in each of these videos, the creators made an obvious reference to Bengaluru in some form or the other. Furthermore, the last frame of these videos also called out the #SmoothestMegaParty happening on 15th October in Bengaluru. So, we figured out that these influencers were actually getting ready for this kickass event which is happening on the 15th of October. 

And we have got all the deets for you!

This fun little act of the #UnexpectedDisappearance of the influencers was orchestrated by Heineken® to let the world know about the Smoothest Mega Party they are having at UB Tower in Bengaluru for the launch of their latest offering in India, Heineken® Silver. This clutter-breaking campaign left everyone curious and wanting to know more. 

And it sounds like the event is going to be a phenomenon worth being a part of! For starters, all your favourite digital stars are going to be there, along with top-notch cutting edge artists taking the stage through the evening. And some insiders have given us the scoop that something big is going down that night! Judging by the link shared in the handles of these internet stars, it has something to do with the iconic UB Tower in Namma Bengaluru.  

We know you want to attend this event now! And so do we! But what if we told you you can? So head over to this link and complete a few easy steps to register for the event. 

Who knows, if you’re lucky, then you can win free passes and get the golden chance to party with the coolest stars at the most happening event of the year. Seriously guys, what are you still waiting for?