Once in a while when you rewatch an old movie, you spot something you might have missed. And fans have spotted an interesting scene from a Dev Anand movie from the 1990s. A Redditor shared a screenshot where international supermodel Cindy Crawford was featured in a Dev Anand movie.

Taking to the Bollywood subreddit, a Reddit user shared a screenshot of a scene from Dev Anand’s Awwal Number (1990). The scene shows Dev Anand sitting on a lawn chair next to a photo frame. The photo frame has a picture of Cindy Crawford with a blue ribbon placed around it. She is featured as Dev Anand’s dead stepmother.

Take a look at the post here.

Awwal Number is a sports film directed by Dev Anand. The movie stars Dev Anand, Aamir Khan, and Aditya Pancholi in prominent roles. In the scene, Dev Anand and Aditya Pancholi talk about their mother’s death anniversary. It is revealed that they garlanded the frame with a blue ribbon because their mother tied her hair with a similar ribbon. The “mother” in the frame is Cindy Crawford!

The post has left Redditors laughing at how funny the scene feels almost 30 years later. Here’s what people had to say about it.

Cindy Crawford in Awwal Number
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Cindy Crawford as Dev Anand's mom
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We are pretty sure Cindy Crawford, who is alive and kicking, has no idea that she was once featured in a Hindi film.