At this point, everyone is aware of Lalit Modi’s public declaration of love for former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen and his announcement of their relationship. Ever since Lalit made his statement on Twitter, the actor has received hateful messages, memes, and jokes, with many of them suggesting that she is dating Lalit “for his money.”

Even after the world saw the journey of this successful independent woman, they couldn’t help but immediately lump her into a negative stereotype.

But Sen has encountered such ridiculous comments and trolls before, and as usual, she is well-versed in how to counter.

1. When Sushmita Sen showed that she can make a subtle jab. 

Recently, Sushmita Sen retaliated against online trolls who had dubbed her a “gold digger” for dating Lalit Modi. And she took a dig at the “so-called intellectuals” for doing so.

2. When Sushmita Sen handled a troll perfectly. 

Sen has always spoken truthfully and with a certain amount of dignity about things that need to be stated. When a troll suggested he could educate her about respecting women, she responded in the same way.

3. When Sen explained what it meant to be self-made. 

Sushmita uploaded a photo of herself on the sandbanks in the midst of the ocean. This led an Instagram user to ask to stop telling people what should be on their wish lists and that not everyone has that type of money. She addressed it, nevertheless, with grace.

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4. When she taught us the actual meaning of empowering women.

Sushmita Sen has played a lot of prominent roles since winning the title of Miss Universe in 1994 and is well-known for her philanthropy. However, she has been questioned in the past about having “less” success than Priyanka Chopra and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the former Miss World winners. There isn’t a more appropriate response to such concerns than what Sen gave.

Bohot kum! In fact, Priyanka Chopra ne jo humare liye kiya hai, bohot kum logon ne kiya hai. She has made us very, very proud.

-Sushmita Sen

5. When she refused to limit her achievement to the Friday box office.

In an interview, Rajeev Masand recounted a situation in which a magazine headline claimed that Sushmita had failed after a few of her films had failed. She answered by saying it was the movies, not her, who had failed.

You cannot fail me for what I do. That attempt might have failed, but I’m too big an idea for you to fit into a Friday slot. 

-Sushmita Sen

6. When she chastised Donald Trump for publicly humiliating a former Miss Universe.

Trump referred to the first woman to win the title, Alicia Machado, as “Miss Piggy and Miss Housekeeping” because, allegedly, she put on weight after being awarded Miss Universe and was Latina.

Journalist Barkha Dutt was one of those who condemned his remarks; she was asked if another former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen, had had the same question from her. Sushmita responded in the ideal manner.

7. When she emphasised that being single can also be a choice.

The actress is frequently questioned about why she hasn’t yet been married, but she has always insisted that it is her preference and not a strain. As usual, she accepted the question politely and offered the proper answer.

Aap do aise logon se ye sawaal karte hain, who celebrate being single. They are not single because they didn’t find anyone. They did that by choice. 

-Sushmita Sen

Sen is known as the “queen” for a reason.