Kapil Sharma is India’s highest-ranked comedian. However, his career doesn’t bank on quick wit or jolly humour. In fact, I’m not sure if Sharma even knows how to generate laughs. Instead, he relies on the glorification of the patriarchal mindset endorsed by mainstream India which includes elements of racism, homophobia, misogyny, sexism, fat-shaming, and colourism just to name a few. Sharma often blames his unapologetic ignorance on being Punjabi, swiftly putting in the line of fire an entire community to disguise the truth behind his intentions – TRPs.

Kapil Sharma is a genius alright. A genius in validating predatory Indian sentiments that plague our society to generate views.

While most of Bollywood sucks up his shallow humour and gives into the script to get access to his audience, some instances have come out that reveal his true nature:

1. When he couldn’t bother to learn Andrea Kevichüsa’s name and greeted her with a pickup line instead

Read the full story here. A lot of people are wondering what is so wrong with this statement? Let me put a spotlight on it for you. In a historic win, a NE actress representing a marginalized community that is typically excluded from Indian society and battles racial stigma every day of their life, makes it onto a stage viewed by a huge chunk of the Indian population. And this man couldn’t even bother to learn her name? North Eastern people are cast out by their own country, only because they look different, sound different, and have diverse names. Instead, they are minimised with berating names of food and places. Kapil Sharma just perpetuated this exact stereotype. Not only did he deny her respect by refusing to use her name, but he also went on to use a cheesy pickup line. Why? Because women are nothing more than objects of desire? It’s not like she just made waves as an actor. It’s a name, not rocket science. If he wanted to use it, he could’ve. But clearly, he doesn’t see women as more than a pretty face, as proven by his track record.

2. When Mukesh Khanna called out his use of vulgar profanities

Legendary actor Mukesh Khanna declined an offer to join the Mahabharat ensemble on the comedian’s show. He wrote on Instagram, “The reason is that even though the Kapil Show is popular all over the country, I do not think there is a worse show than this. This show is full of fuhadpana, full of double meaning words, taking a turn towards vulgarity with every moment. In which the men wear women’s clothes, do cheap things and people laugh, holding their stomachs.” Citing an instance, he concluded his post by saying, “I will give an example. You will understand how poor the level of comedy is in this show. All of you must have seen the Ramayan show before this one. Kapil asks Arun Govil: ‘You are taking a bath at the beach and someone from the crowd screams, ‘Hey look, Ram Ji also wears VIP underwear! What will you say?”

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3. When he justified his ‘Serial Creeper’ tag

In 2015, the comedian reportedly got drunk at an after-party and tried to get touchy with actress Deepali Sayyad making her uncomfortable. She did not appreciate the gesture and moved away. He then persisted to make advances on other women on the same cruise. Mind you, this man is married. Later, he tweeted alluding to the incident, “I fall, I rise, I make mistakes, I live, I learn, I’ve been hurt but I am alive. I am human, I am not perfect but I am thankful :)” To this singer Mika replied, “It’s ok I can understand. But pls next time don’t repeat your mistakes ok. Chalo is bar maf kardiya.”

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4. When he physically assaulted Sunil Grover

Kapil Sharma got piss drunk and physically assaulted his colleague Sunil Grover on an aeroplane while returning from their Australia tour in 2017, hurling abuses such as, “Tu mera naukar hai, tera show flop tha…”

5. When his unprofessional behaviour had zero real consequences

In 2017, Sharma failed to turn up for the shoot of his own show where Ajay Devgn and his co-stars were supposed to promote Baadshaho. This led Devgn to storm out of the set. In another instant, the comedian who was designated to host the opening ceremony Celebrity Cricket League 4 walked out after throwing several tantrums, leaving producers Salman Khan and Sohail Khan furious. Later, Salman boycotted Kapil’s show and chose Comedy Nights Bachao over Comedy Nights with Kapil to promote his film Tubelight. 

6. When Priyanka Chopra pulled a Kapil Sharma on Kapil Sharma and he unwrapped his internalized sexism

In a turn of events, Priyanka Chopra was once rumoured to make Kapil Sharma wait for three hours at an award function. This made the comedian upset and he unplugged his earpiece and threw it on the floor yelling, “Ladies logo ka yahi problem hai, madam abhi tak tayaar nahi hain.” 

These controversies have star power, hence they caught the public eye. Let me draw your eyes to a few instances that aren’t talked about much, but left me nauseated:

7. Every single time he was a big-time homophobe and made someone cross-dress 

Cause WTF are trans rights? Let’s laugh at their expense instead. If you’re feeling particularly wild check out their 2020 Women’s Day Special and thank me later 🙂 You can watch it here.

8. Every single time he body-shamed someone

He routinely makes jokes about Archana Puran Singh looking masculine, he calls Bharti Singh and many of his co-stars fat, he skinny shamed Vaani Kapoor with crass language. Superficiality is hilarious.

9. Every time he objectified women

The man welcomed Nora Fatehi on his show with the sleaziest line ever. He called Sunny Leone “Italian pasta with white sauce,” and sang, “Baar baar dekho, hazaar baar dekho, yeh dekhne ki cheez hai!” Every time an actress features on his show he uses vile language to treat her like an object. Now, he wouldn’t do this to SRK or Salman, would he? If that’s not a pervert I don’t know what is. 

There’s a fine line between being a comedian and a jerk. I’ll leave it up to you to decide who Kapil Sharma is.