The black & white series Kota factory is back with season 2. While we can’t wait to see more of Jeetu Bhaiya. It also has some internet users wondering why the entire series is black & white.

My curious soul did some research & indeed, there is a deeper meaning to it. 


The web series Kota Factory by Raghav Subbu & Saurabh Khanna tells the story of students in IIT. Following their struggles in Kota, which is a hub for many coaching centres. 

The question of why the entire series was shot in black & white is raised right since season 1. Many like me were curious to know about it. 

According to IMDb, the Kota factory was shot black & white to depict the colourless, boring, depressing aspect of students’ life in Kota. 

IMDb also states the colour scheme is inspired by a movie called “Schindler’s List” which is based on the lives of Jews under the gruesome rule of Nazis.


Furthermore, Saurabh Khanna, the creator of the show mentioned in the BTS video that it wasn’t just an idea but an entire process. That it took time for him to convince the team to agree to this directorial perspective.

They wanted to keep it as organic and natural as possible with an intention to take the viewers close to the roots of Kota.


As a matter of fact, people tend to concentrate more on the subject when in black and white than colour. It makes the viewers focus on the emotional depth rather than the surface appearance.

It also makes Kota factory India’s first black & white series.