As we all know, Ratna Pathak is quite the role model for women everywhere. Whether it’s because of the iconic actor she is, or because of just how outspoken and intelligent she is. In fact, in a recent conversation she opened up and made a solid point about patriarchy. 

Indian Express

The actor talked about how women are often branded as enemies to their own gender. But is that really true? In the video, Ratna Pathak explains that it’s actually the patriarchal system that has conditioned women to keep other women in line and obey sexist norms. Basically, that the fact is that women end up having to confront sexism dished out by their own kind because of patriarchy. Not because women consciously seek to hurt and drag each other down. 

A woman has been made to become a woman’s worst enemy. Because she’s the one who socializes within the family and lays down these horrible laws. They are not laws she has made. They are laws which she has been told to enforce. Women have been used as watchdogs of patriarchy for centuries.

-Ratna Pathak


You can watch the entire video here. 

Wise words by someone who clearly understands how deep patriarchy runs.