“Crazy things we do for love” this phrase just got the best example anyone could think of. A woman hailing from Andhra Pradesh decided to officiate her husband’s marriage to his girlfriend. If this didn’t shock you enough, there’s more to this story.

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As per reports, the couple Kalyan and Vimala tied a knot a few years ago in a love marriage. It all began with friendship and later the love story blossomed into a marriage. Kalyan is also a content creator from  Ambedkar Nagar of Dakkili in Tirupati.

The duo is also famous for creating content and is popular on platforms like YouTube and Share Chat.

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Now here comes a groundbreaking twist to this story. Kalyan’s ex-girlfriend Nitya Sree from Visakhapatnam moved to their locality and created trouble in their paradise.

Reports claim, Nitya, who is also a content creator was previously in a relationship with Kalyan but they had to part ways and were not in touch. Following this old love story, when Nitya came to know his ex-boyfriend is married. She did something we would call a nightmare and had a bizarre request.

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Nitya pleaded with Vimala to give her permission to marry Kalyan. Yup, the same guy Vimala is married to. They even put forth the proposal that the three of them would live together. 


If you aren’t shocked enough, Vimala has accepted their request, and she even appeared at their wedding.

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