Friendship is a beautiful part of life. Some movies and TV shows have created characters that are amazing enough friends for viewers to wish that they were part of our friend group. Here are some of the best ‘best friends’ in Bollywood movies that we all wish for in real life. 

1. Aditi from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

While Bunny was not a good friend, Aditi is the best of the best friend of Naina. She is independent, loyal, and protective. She is through and through a girl’s girl, being loving and extremely fun to be around.

Aditi from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
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She is the only one trying to maintain relationships selflessly in the film. In real life, she is the best friend one can ask for.

2. Vijay from Queen

The character Vijaylakshmi in Queen is one of the coolest on-screen characters. Her friendship with Rani is extremely wholesome and aspirational. They have a no-questions-asked, no judgment, and unconditional friendship.

Friend in bollywood movies
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We all want someone who accepts us without judgment and consoles us when we’re sappy drunk post-breakup.

3. Aisha from Wake Up Sid

Aisha Banerjee is an inspiring character for every small-town woman chasing independence. She is honest, fun, and supportive. Her happiness lies in small things and comfortable corners. She does not judge Sid for his lifestyle and circumstances, instead, she simply supports him.

Ayesha from Wake Up Sid
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However, she refuses to keep up with him when he forgets gratitude. She calls him out on the way he’s treating her home and does not treat him like a child. We all want a friend who can give us a warm hug and a good scolding, with the right intentions and complete honesty.

4. Ayesha from Dil Dhadakne Do

Ayesha is an independent, intelligent and fun person to be around. She is the perfect depiction of the elder daughter in an Indian home. The character does everything for the happiness of those around her, while also being extremely empathetic.

Ayesha from DDD
Image Credit- Bollywood Life

She supports her brother despite what her parents say and ultimately makes a brave decision. Furthermore, she treats her dog respectfully regardless of her husband’s attitude. Honestly, who would not want a friend like her? A friend like that with an adorable dog? Even better.

5. Poo from Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham

Poo is an iconic character even today. Everyone needs that friend who has all the gossip, fashion, and beauty tips. Additionally, she is helpful, loyal, funny, and sassy for all the right reasons.

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A pamper night and sleepover with a friend like Poo is all you need after a stressful time. Who does not want to be P.H.A.T with their best friends?

6. Shaleen from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

The whole gang was aspirational and amazing in every way. However, Shaleen is perhaps one of the most underrated characters. She is a complete badass and so cool. The character is honest and hilarious, supporting her friends and calling them out.

Shaleen from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
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She hilariously calls out Jignesh for lacking a game with his crush and makes Aditi realize that she has been replaced by Meghna. In addition to that, she is a skilled storyteller, musician, and one of the best queer-coded characters.

7. Tara from Made In Heaven

Tara is supportive, protective, and brutally honest toward Karan. She calls him out when he needs to hear it the most but is also the first to come to his rescue. Their friendship is refreshing and relieving.

Tara from Made In Heaven
Image Credits- Vakaao

She is a good friend to Faiza and supports her through a divorce, not isolating her, until she realizes…well. Instead of caring that Karan was in a dirty prison cell, she rushes to bail him out and hug him, never pressing for answers. In the end, when she leaves, she shares a laugh with Karan, while sitting in a destroyed office. She is the perfect friend that one can have.

8. Veronica from Cocktail

Meera and Veronica’s friendship is something that one aspires for and supports. They only have sisterhood and camaraderie, even when a man comes in between.

Veronica from Cocktail
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Veronica instantly opens up her heart and home to Meera when the latter is disheveled. While Meera is not the best of friends, Veronica does her best. She helps her come out of her comfort zone, helps her through emotional turmoil, and remains authentic. Despite being wronged by her boyfriend and best friend, she lets go of the hurt and supports them.

9. Radha from English Vinglish

Although not friends, Radha and Shashi have a beautiful relationship. Radha becomes Shashi’s backbone, urges her to learn, and is the only person who believes in her.

Radha from English Vinglish
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She inspires trust within Shashi and recognizes her cooking talents respectfully. We all want a friend who stands up for us, does not mock us, and respects every facet of our identity.

More healthy friendships on-screen, please!