For the longest time in history, people have assumed so many things about women, including what we find attractive in men. But let me tell you, it’s 2021 and we’ll have none of this. 

And, to add the cherry on the top, I even found a Reddit thread where women got honest about what is it that men do that really turns them off. 

So men, please take note for future purposes because it’s not the ‘size’ but the little things that we find attractive. 

1. “Nothing turns me off more than an unhygienic man.” – Pups_n_gunz1110

2. “Arrogance.” – bebespawn ·

3. “Guys who make up stories to make themselves more attractive.” – Ig-justzamorea

4. “Unnecessary aggression, even in small ways.” – souptonuts22

5. “Mocking other men for showing emotions.” – A9J9B 

6. “Only being nice to you but completely degrading/shaming other women.” – thishoeaintloyal

7. “Guys who only treat girls well if they’re planning to ask them out. And, if they’re rejected, they suddenly become completely awful.” – ShadowSocks7

8. “Those who always feel a need to ‘prove’ something about their manhood.” – RoxyReindeer

9. “Men who are more than capable of looking after themselves and their homes immediately becoming seemingly incapable once a woman moves in. Like I know you know how to cook and clean; why did you stop now that I’m there?” – mermaidish

10. “It’s so unattractive when men don’t know how to take care of themselves. I want a partner, not a child.” – momspigeon 

11. When he pushes your head down to his crotch instead of asking for a damn BJ. – poopfupa

12. “Someone who can’t admit their wrongs and don’t know how to apologize. But expect me to always say sorry. Also not taking the time to see the other person’s perspective. I’m sure it goes both ways though.” – morganmaureenn 

13. “Cruelty towards animals, dishonesty, and disloyalty.” – Nukawin

14. “Keeping a general kindness to all people is so important to me, and unnecessary rudeness is a huge turn-off.” – kit-katie-kat

15. “Trying to prove manliness by rejecting feminine things.” – AlicesManifestation

16. “When they try to flex their money or looks.” – lacsquirt

17. “Men who think in absolutes & constantly contradict themselves, thus coming off as unreliable & unstable.” – anonymouschic

18. “The moment I hear the word “alpha male” come out of their mouth, I’m gone.” – xoxosquid

19. “Biggest turn off for me is a man trying to tell a woman what she wants and feels.” – theflooflord

20. “The assumption that all women everywhere at any time want your dick pic. Don’t send me that. I’ll find your family and forward it to them.” – SisterYahtzee

21. “When they can’t bear the fact that a woman is better than them at something, especially if it’s a perceived “masculine” thing. – ArtistWhoDrinksTea

22. “When you’re a specialist in your profession, and they still doubt your knowledge and google the things you say to prove it’s true. So, basically, men who doubt your knowledge.” – AGhostter

23. “Thinking that every positive interaction is a guarantee of sex.” – Zebras_lie

Ah, this world will be a wonderful place if all of us just get honest with each other and work it out. Hai na?