There have been way too many instances in popular shows and movies where we had to gulp the violet chemistry between couples who looked like a red flag from the start. And not because any of the two individuals were bad people per se, but because they were just terrible together. Like, if Pheobe and Chandler would have actually ended up together in an alternate universe.

fictional couples from shows and movies that didn't make sense; friends
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But this is exactly what Twitter is discussing these days; couples which were a bad idea. This thread started by Karina (@solarkarii) has people talking about the love angles that pissed us off a lot.

Take a look at what people are saying:

1. Caroline and Stefan from Vampire Diaries

Caroline & Niklaus >>>> Caroline & Stefan.

2. Aneesa & Ben from Never Have I Ever

Agreed. Never made sense.

3. Robin & Ted from How I Met Your Mother

No, Aunt Robin and Dad Ted weren’t compatible, and it’s not up for debate. In fact, Robin and Barney were much, MUCH better.

4. Rachel & Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S


5. Eric & Adam from Sex Education

Making Eric fall in love with his bully was an alarming narrative to set.

6. Martha & Mickey from Doctor Who

7. Ginny & Harry from Harry Potter

Even in the books, I wasn’t very fond of the duo’s equation together. But the portrayal of their relationship in the movies was outright bland and, TBH, quite horrible.

8. Melanie & Derwin from The Game

9. Mellie & Marcus from Scandal

10. Maggie & Jackson from Grey’s Anatomy

11. Elle & Noah from Kissing Booth

Have my reservations tho!

12. Ron & Hermionie from Harry Potter

The films made their relationship very lame and awkward.

13. Cersie & Jaime from Game of Thrones

A. They were siblings/twins. B. She was VILE. C. He evolves into a precious human.

I would’ve been so happy had Jaimie ended up with Brienne.

14. Eleven & Mike from Stranger Things


15. Renesmee & Jacob from Twilight

Wish the last film had ended without Alice’s vision. It was unsettling to imagine a romantic future between the two.

16. Jade & Beck from Victorious

Which fictional couple appalled you the most?

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