Any monkey sitting on a keyboard could begin a story. But it’s the endings that are difficult to write. No matter what you do, you will never satisfy everyone. That said, there is a special rung in hell reserved from some shows that make you invest years into them only to have a finale so crap that it hurts your soul. 

#15 Sacred Games

I mean, that was so anti-climactic. WTF, man. The whole second season was so poorly written and produced that it just felt like they tried to double down on the sex, drugs and violence but forgot about the plot as a whole. 


#14 The Falcon & The Winter Soldier

While the show had great promise, it takes on too much and falls miserably in its depiction of geopolitical and race issues in the world and instead chooses to end it with a rousing albeit token speech by Captain America. 

Also, let’s not forget the nerfing of Bucky Barnes, and making the main antagonist commit uncharacteristic mass murders just to justify her being a villain. 


#13 13 Reasons Why

The show had pissed off a lot of people anyway due to its haphazard approach to suicide, rapes and bullying in general. But the ending couldn’t have been more disappointing.  Jess is forced to forgive Bryce for some reason and nobody ever finds out about the crimes the teenagers committed. Also, to top it off, they killed off Justin in the end. 


#12 Supernatural

The show was never the same after season 5. That said, it did run for 10 more seasons after that, making it the longest-running sci-fi show in history. But the pandemic and bad writing made sure that the finale was botched beyond any scope of salvation. Fans believe that the show did not do Dean or Cas any justice and giving Sam a long life just didn’t make any sense.


#11 Two and a Half Men

The show’s downfall started long before its last season. Getting Ashton Kutcher to replace Charlie Sheen was just a bad idea that fans couldn’t get behind. The problems between Sheen and showrunner Chuck Lore was well documented but the latter promoting the return of Sheen, only to have him killed by dropping a piano on him and shouting ‘winning’ just didn’t work out. 

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#10 Lost

I am still trying to figure out what happened. I’ll let you know when I find out. 

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#9 Pretty Little Liars

Turns out in the end Spencer had an evil British twin who ruined everything for her. And that there was 8 years of my life wasted. 

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#8 Seinfeld

The whole cast ends up in jail for being horrible people. But the fans remain divided about the finale to this day. While some believe that this was keeping in tune with the show, many others weren’t that pleased about it.


#7 Smallville

The whole show was actually pretty cool. The biggest complaint was that the fans never got to see Tom Welling’s Clarke Kent in his full Superman costume. The actor said it was a choice. The fans agreed but also were very vocal about it being a crappy choice. 

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#6 The 100

The show built up Clarke and Bellamy’s friendship for 6 seasons for her to just shoot him dead in the end for no reason at all. Ain’t nobody liked that crap. 


#5 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina sacrifices herself to save the world and Nick dies by suicide to stay with her in the afterlife. That’s just lazy writing and a cheap shot. It made no sense for Nick to be with her in the afterlife.


#4 Gossip Girl

So, Dan tried to ruin everybody’s life but once he reveals himself as Gossip Girl, they all just seem to forgive him as nothing happened. 

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# 3 Dexter

Now that the show is coming back, hopefully, we can get some closure. See, I took that last season personally, having religiously watched the show while it aired. Also, Deb didn’t need to die!


#2 How I Met Your Mother

Even if you manage to ignore everything that is wrong with the show, the finale will still hurt you like a kick in the nuts. They spent 11 seasons talking about the mother just to kill her and have Ted pine for Robin again. And they totally ruined all the character development Barney had achieved through the last couple of seasons. 

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#1 Game of Thrones

It takes a special kind of buffoonery to create the biggest TV show on the planet and then ruin it in the last season just so that you can go back to making mediocre crap for Disney. David and Dan, the showrunners did just that. All the important characters did things they had never done. The last season was so rushed that there was literally no explanation given behind extremely stupid decisions.

And the finale, ah well, where do I start? From Dany going Mad Queen after King’s Landing surrendered to Tyrion being incredibly stupid t Jaime Lannister not caring about innocent people to Bran becoming the king to ‘ShE iS mY QuEeN’. this finale could warrant a 15-point list itself.


Gonna go cry about having wasted so much time watching these shows.