Anyone who is familiar with Indian television serials is aware of one common trait that they have, which is defying all scientific theories. From pooja ki thali flying up in the air and sindoor falling on someone’s forehead to people tumbling down and landing safely in someone’s arms, there isn’t a strange thing that we haven’t seen yet. Well, perhaps that is what you believe.

It’s not just Hindi daily soaps that have a Ph.D. in creating such scenes. Bengali television shows are not far off and are likely to be even more baffling at times.

Here are a few scenes from Bengali serials that would prove our point perfectly.

1. When the ‘Bahu‘ landed a plane with ease. 

Dreams do come true, but in this Bengali serial, the female protagonist took a completely different turn to make it possible. So, in this completely unrealistic sequence, Titli, the serial’s main character, makes an emergency landing after the pilot is taken ill. Although she has always wanted to be a pilot, she has never flown a plane before. Apparently, Bahus from television serials are capable of doing anything under the sun.

2. When characters got married by “accident”.

There are arranged marriages, love marriages, and another fairly common variation, ‘accidental marriages,’ in the universe of daily soaps. And every Bengali serial should have at least one wedding in which the characters marry in the most ridiculous way possible. In one scene from the series Aay Tobe Sohochori, the bride and groom are about to exchange garlands. But then another man grabs the garland from the groom’s grasp and places it on the bride.

3. When Monalisa was misidentified as a goddess.

In another Bengali serial titled Gouri Elo,  a woman was seen worshipping a painting of ‘Monalisa’ with garlands and incense sticks. The protagonist is a village girl who has yet to adjust to her in-law’s modern way of life. Apparently, she misidentifies Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Monalisa’ as a painting of a goddess.

4. Love confession became overly creative.

In an effort to remain distinctive (read: bizarre) Indian television serials employ a variety of tactics. So how could confessing one’s love be as simple as telling someone verbally, right? Hindi daily soaps, are you taking notes?

5. If “offbeat” had a face, this would be it.

For all the wrong reasons, a scene from the popular show Jomuna Dhaki went viral. The series’ main character is portrayed as an exceptionally talented drummer who apparently does not believe in playing drums while standing. Meanwhile, Jamuna’s clumsy hand movements, which seem to be totally out of sync with the beat, added to the show’s belittlement.

6. When every medical theory was challenged.

Doctor bhagwan ka roop hote hai, but in Bengali serials, they can apparently revive patients with bathroom scrubbers. Unfortunately, you read that right. The strange prop was used to replicate a medical device to resuscitate a patient in the daily soap Krishnakoli.

If you still believe that Hindi daily soaps are devoid of logic, start reconsidering.