Musician Yashraj Mukhate is known for creating remixes out of viral memes and audio. He shot to fame by creating a peppy beat out of a TV soap opera, Saath Nibhaana Sathiya. Now, he left the internet in splits by putting a new spin on the recent Ranveer Singh controversy.

As if we didn’t have enough issues, Ranveer’s ‘bum’ caused a few to take umbrage. Notably, an NGO, Shyam Mangaram foundation was insulted enough to lodge a legal complaint. Vedika Chaubey, who filed the complaint, told NDTV, ”Of course this is vulgar, we can see his bum. His video is with me, he is completely nude in that video. I don’t know how many people will understand that thing.”

Her statement led the host and other panelists to snicker. Chaubey responded angrily, ”You may laugh, madam, but this is a national issue.”

Yashraj shared a video creating a song from a television news debate about Ranveer’s nude photoshoot.

Using the part where she had expressed horror at ‘seeing his bum’, Yashraj Mukhate created a fun track. The video received much love from fans and celebrities. Mallika Dua commented, “Icon.” Aparshakti Khurrana wrote ‘Hahahaha’, while Salim Merchant wrote, “Too good!”

His song highlights how important issues are ignored, while an artistic photoshoot is a point of national concern and alleged women’s rights. Many fans have named it the ‘bum song’. 

The lyrics include a line, “Socha maine socha kya hai zaroori (I was thinking what was important) out of everything … can you see the bum.” The video garnered around milliond of likes since the upload.


Ranveer Singh’s photoshoot became a topic of national discussion in the conservative sections of the country. Meanwhile, his colleagues have come out in support of him.