Not that I’ll ever run out of words while writing about Shah Rukh Khan, but a lot of it is obvious and redundant. The actor is synonymous with charm, love and whatnot. He’s an emotion for this country that relies on him for entertainment, and we find new ways each day, in which people prove this undying love for him. And in yet another news, Pathaan is doing what no one else could.

After a commercially dull year for Bollywood, Pathaan swooped in as a ray of hope, which quite literally fought against all odds. Proof? The film crossed ₹500 crores national box office collection (NBOC). To celebrate this milestone, YRF and producers had decided to slash the ticket prices of all shows of Pathaan to ₹110 for February 17. And if that doesn’t scream success, I don’t know what does.

But it’s not just about the number, flawed or not, the film is getting the kind of love that was missing. And while a lot of it was the external bleak reasoning, it’s good to finally experience this energy in theaters. Of course, there’s no better way than to acknowledged the achievement, which resulted to the announcement of ‘Pathaan Day’. Or just another SRK phenomenon.

‘Pathaan Day’ might not be a historic celebration, but it’s the perfect answer to anyone who underestimated the “power of this not-so-common man.”