Kangana Ranaut has been in the news lately for her demeaning and outrageous statements. The actor has a habit of criticising others for being ‘hypocrites’ and so we decided to give her some self-reflection. By digging out few instances where she hasn’t really walked the talk either. 

Kangana has gone back on her statements and contradicted herself several times. Here are some incidents when the actor has trolled herself:

1. When Kangana was a true blue feminist and spoke about how women are butchered by society for being sexually active.

If she’s crazily successful, she becomes a psychopath. If she’s sexually active, she becomes a whore. I’ve played a whore on screen, and my close interaction with prostitutes has allowed me to be extremely empathetic to them. 

And then went on to call Urmila Matondkar a ‘soft porn star’ while criticising her. 

I saw one very derogatory interview given by Urmila Matondkar. The way she was talking about me, pulling faces, making a mockery about my struggles, attacking me on the fact that I am trying to appease BJP for a ticket. One doesn’t have to be a genius to figure for me it is not very difficult to get a ticket. Urmila is a soft porn star. She is not known for her acting for sure, what is she known for? For doing soft porns right. If she could get a ticket, why wouldn’t I get a ticket?

2. When Kangana Ranaut tried to promote her film, ‘Judgementall Hai Kya’ on World Mental Health day by posting this on social media. 


And then went on to say something as ridiculous as this:

3. In the past, Kangana spoke up against bullying in Bollywood and said that she was being targeted repeatedly.

If it’s constructive, it will definitely be something that will add to me and my growth, but if it’s just some sort of mocking or bullying, that’s not criticism… That’s just bullying. I will definitely not tolerate that. 

 And then went on to mock the mental health of an illustrator on Twitter.

4. Kangana spoke about how gorgeous curves are, how every body type needs to be celebrated and how we should stop treating shapes as ‘trends’

There are seasons and reasons when curves are celebrated. Then something changes, on maybe the French runway, and it goes back to being a hanger. So, I think these things are just like a trend… everybody, every shape or size are celebrated like a trend or like a season.

Only to later body-shamed star-kids by tweeting this later:

5. When Kangana told Kapil Sharma that Social media is for ‘velle’ aka jobless people

And now we all know how much time she actually spends on it – getting into Twitter wars once a week. 

6. During the 2017 Conclave, Kangana spoke about how it doesn’t matter if you are an industry insider or outsider as long as your audience accepts you. 

The truth is that (insider or outsider) really doesn’t matter. It’s hard to get your first break but once it releases, it’s upto the audiences. So many of them have been rejected no matter where you come from. You come from mountains like me or from California, it doesn’t matter. It’s the people who decide in the end and nothing else really matters. Everyone has a struggle to go through. 

She even spoke about how she had a quota while giving her examinations so she understands where this ideology comes from:

And now, the actor has time and again blamed star kids and nepotism for taking away opportunities from those who don’t belong to a film background and called them some unattractive names. 

The A-listers that the Nepo Mafia promotes are tucked away safely. They are only sending these people who have only and only to lose—these outsiders who are struggling, who are star-struck by the glamour and the power of the movie mafia.
Why can’t I say no if I want to? These people are still in the hangover of the mafias, that ‘bhai ko mana nahi kar sakte’ otherwise you will be shot dead. That needs to end in this film industry.

7. When she went hot and cold about filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. 

I was privileged enough to get my first break with Mahesh Bhatt who according to me is one of the finest teacher of art.

From being in awe of him when she made her debut with him to blaming him for the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput and blaming him for his children’s short comings. 

Amar Ujala

8. When Kangana had no qualms about dating star kids and superstars during her career but then called out actors in the industry who do the same. 

You think it’s okay for girls to have superstar boyfriends and use them to get to the top?
India Today

9. When the internet called her out for her hypocrisy by posting a picture with Sanjay Dutt who she hasn’t had great things to say about. 

Sanjay Dutt ki addiction toh apko bahut cute lagti hai. 

She visited him in Hyderabad after he recovered from cancer. 

10. When she condemned ‘western clothing’, only to later share photos of herself in ripped jeans.

Kangana tweeted about how ‘torn jeans and rags like blouses’ are nothing more than a representation of American marketing. 

Consequently, people flooded her timeline with her photos of wearing the same kind of clothing she mocked. 

However, less than a month later, she contradicted herself by posting her photos in ripped jeans, with a tweet about her ‘coolness quotient’. 

Has Kangana forgotten the statements she’s made IRL when it comes to tweeting poorly thought out ideas?