Luxury and high-end brands frequently introduce things that, to the segment of the globe that cannot afford them, make absolutely no sense.

However, these brands appeal to a sizable segment of the population who tend to find “beauty” in everything that bears these labels. Recently, the most costly trash bag has just been released by high-end fashion brand Balenciaga.

With its Trash Pouch, a product that was inspired by a garbage bag, luxury clothing company Balenciaga has once again taken everyone by surprise. Actually, the bag does resemble a garbage bag, so it’s not just the name. But hold on—this isn’t over yet. The bag costs $1,790, which is around ₹1,42,569. 

The bag was a part of Balenciaga’s ready-to-wear lineup for the upcoming fall season. It was held in the hands of models as they walked the ramp. The bag features a glossy covering and is constructed of calfskin leather, according to the New York Post. It includes drawstrings that can be pulled to close it and is available in four distinct colours: black, white, blue, and yellow.

Obviously, the Trash Pouch concept did not sit well with the majority of internet users, no matter how innovative the idea may be.

Well, let’s just hope no Desi mom sees this because she’ll freak out.