Ever since MC Stan entered the Bigg Boss 16 house, the 23-year-old rapper has kept a low profile. Apart from the usual tiffs with the contestants, MC Stan usually keeps to himself and is one of the most chill contestants in the house. We are four weeks into the show and yet we are still not clear on what his survival strategy or his game plan is.

MC Stan

While we are yet to figure out MC Stan’s Bigg Boss game, we have to admit that he definitely knows how to ace his fashion game. Staying true to his hip-hop rapper aesthetics, here are seven times MC Stan floored us with his unique fashion sense.

1. Let’s start with MC Stan’s hair.

MC Stan’s hair is a statement in itself. His dreadlocks look like a mix between Wiz Khalifa and The Weeknd. He keeps his dreadlocks tied up in a bun. The rapper took his hairstyle a notch higher and coloured a strip of his hair red. What could just be another dreadlock hair got a new upgrade, thanks to MC Stan. In all honesty, MC Stan’s hair deserves a separate post.

MC Stan's hair
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2. MC Stan knows how to accessorize.

MC Stan has a signature style when it comes to his accessories. Ever so often we see him wearing his thick studded chains and his constant ‘SLATT’ neckpiece. During the tasks, we often get to see rings stacked on all his fingers. The Weekend Ka Vaar episodes show him in his real avatar where he even wears his bejewelled ‘HINDI’ pendant.

MC Stan SLATT pendant
Source: Twitter
MC Stan rings
Source: Twitter

3. When Rapper met Desi Boy.

Who said rappers can’t ace ethnic fashion? MC Stan sported a desi look for the Diwali episode of Bigg Boss 16. He combined his rapper aesthetic with the ethnic look and wore a red kurta along with his accessories. It didn’t look tacky or out of place. TBH, he knew how to work it!

MC Stan in Diwali episode
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4. MC Stan’s oversized jackets.

The rapper often keeps lets one statement piece make the noise while his remaining outfits remain basic. Case in point, this oversized bomber jacket. Turns out, MC Stan has a thing for this outfit because he has a similar jacket in pink that he wore when the cast of Phone Bhoot came on Bigg Boss 16.

MC Stan in black jacket
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MC Stan in pink jacket
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5. He knows his sneakers well.

Most hip-hop rappers are obsessed with their sneakers and MC Stan is no exception. His sneaker game is on point. We saw his sneakers in full glory during the courthouse task. We have to admit MC Stan will go down in history as the coolest lawyer who wore very cool sneakers.

MC Stan's sneakers
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6. Dressing up or dressing down, MC Stan does it all.

If all these looks made you think that MC Stan is always dressed up in the house, you are mistaken. There are times when he makes fashion relatable especially in his lounge wear looks. His casual looks are very anti-fit and much in line with how the current Gen-Z dresses up.

MC Stan in Bigg Boss
Source: Instagram
MC Stan in Bigg Boss 16
Source: Instagram

7. We should have known MC Stan knew fashion when he showed up in this outfit at the premiere.

At the premiere of Bigg Boss 16, MC Stan donned a tailored blue suit. He complimented the suit with his signature accessories and had his dreadlocks tied back neatly. He clearly stood out from the other contestants.

MC Stan at Bigg Boss 16 premiere
Source: Navbharat Times

Bigg Boss 16 or fashion, MC Stan never follows the herd.