Unless you’ve been living in an isolated igloo, you’ve probably noticed influencers promoting various products on a daily basis, which keeps their ship afloat. It’s interesting to see them advertising a variety of brands yet those brands approach them again and we see the videos popping on our feeds!


You can’t help but wonder what leads to the influencer-brand relationship that’s even stronger than your long-term friendship!

Content creators earn profits by collaborating with brands. But the secret behind the selection procedure never sees the light of the day. Fret not, the Good Creator Academy has come to your rescue.


The viewpoint of a brand manager on creator selection will be presented in this course. Sachin Bhatia, CEO & Co-founder of Bulbul.tv, and experts from Good Creator Co. will lead your way and none of your questions will be left unanswered.

Good Creator Academy

It’ll be a great day since the interactive session will include a fireside conversation with Vinay Kuyya.

The course is on 04 June, 2022 and you can sign up here