In association with VEGA

As the world turns from one day to another, change is the only constant thing that remains. And the best we can do is go with the flow and embrace ourselves and the present with all we have, don’t you think?

Well, that’s exactly what Vega is urging us to do with their new logo! 

Vega has recently changed their age-old logo to redraw humble inclusivity, edge and style on a modern graph with a new vision! 

The brand stands for carefree living and promotes and excels in grooming products that let people be their original selves and live the present to the fullest. 

As described by Vega’s CMO Eiti Singhal:

“For 20 years it’s been our passion to fuel the wings of styling and grooming lovers with nothing but the best. We have been simplifying head-to-toe grooming, styling, hygiene solutions to empower consumers with means to boost self-confidence, happiness, and care. Now, it was time for us to extend our creativity further and enter the realm of an evolving cultural diaspora that believes in Today instead of Tomorrow, Self-Love instead of Validation and Inclusion instead of Barriers. Our new logo encompasses the brand’s decades-old ethos and values but at the same time can be identified as premium, new age, innovative, caring, and stylish.”  

Vega stands truest to its ever-existing belief and urges us to be carefree and edgy the way we are!

And to practice before preaching, the brand’s logo has been rebranded with a cool turquoise blue design, written in well-rounded yet bold font that represents change, confidence and attitude in a humble and inclusive manner. The intension is to foster deeper and stronger relationships with consumers, employees,  partners, and other stakeholders.
To suit the brand’s vision further, they launched the logo on their social handles with an equally quirky and effortless kinetic typography video that represent style, edge and boldness in the embrace of the present and one’s own skin in a modern way. 
Cool, isn’t it!? 

Popular Bollywood actress, Ananya Pandey has also been associated with the brand for over 2 years now. And honestly, we couldn’t see a better fit for Vega than Ananya who has been winning millions of hearts with her sheer grace, fierce attitude, and a chic-styling quotient. Don’t you agree?  

Well, before we sign out, kudos to Vega for promoting change and redefinitions in the coolest way possible! (besides the amazing range of products that they’ve been adorning our lives with! Check them out here.) 

And oh, here’s a video discussing the logo launch for you to tune in to this beautiful notion further. 

*Cheers to change, new beginnings and us!*