We’ve all been a part of fancy dress competitions and school plays where we had to dress up as things. I’ve been a tree, a sunflower and even a solar system. Once, I was put in a ‘pear’ costume and made to stand in the school playground for the entire day – I was quite happy and I can’t figure why. 

We’ve all been there, done that. Back then, it was the excitement of wearing make-up and costume, but I’m not proud of it now. But, today’s fashion is a lot like those ‘bachpan ki looks’ that we created. All I want to know is, who wears it on purpose as a grown-up? 

And the way these looks and shows trend, reminds me of how little I know about fashion. But, they do end up making me feel better about being certain ‘objects’, back in school.

1. This skirt converts into furniture. And, honestly I could really use it while travelling in metro – kyunki khali seat toh milti nahi.

Laughing Squid

2. Katy Perry’s look from the Met Gala reminded me of Lumiere (the candle holder) from Beauty and the Beast.


3. This would’ve been my look, if I played a chair with the constant pile of clothes. 


4. Spring Collection, quite literally.


5. Reminds me of how my mom bought a larger size of uniform, just so it fit through half of my school life.


6. I could’ve made a career out of that pear costume. And, all I did was stand in a West-Delhi school playground. 


7. This is actually a good save from dilli ki garmi.


8. Joey did it first. 


9. I just feel like it got stuck and they left it there.

Carbon Magazine

10. It is ironical how they probably can’t see through it.


11. Hollywood’s rendition of Morni Banke.


12. Question – whose hair is it?

SAAE Vilhena

13. How some politicians would want us to be.


14. DIY idea – with mummy ki do, teen sarees.


15. Because, people clearly don’t get the concept of personal space. NGL, this seems like smart fashion. 

The Indian Express

I suddenly feel less embarrased about my entire childhood.