Someone made masala chai ice cream, we didn’t say anything.
Someone made golgappa ice cream, we didn’t say anything.
Someone even made gulab jamun ice cream, we still didn’t say anything.
But now, someone made chole bhature ice cream and we are losing it!

A fresh weekend morning and chole bhature go hand in hand – it’s an emotion. However, someone decided to crush it by inventing this bizarre dessert called chole bhature ice cream.

The video starts with the vendor slicing a bhatura into bite-size pieces and adding chole masala, pickled carrot and green chilies. Then, he adds a liquid ice cream to freeze the mixture by distributing it evenly on the base.

Lastly, he puts the bizarre dish into small rolls and garnishes them with chole, onions, pickled carrots, and green chillies on top.

Just like us, a bunch of other netizens were displeased to see this bizarre concoction.

Credits: Instagram

You can watch the video, with 7,183 likes, here:

And, that’s how someone ruined two individually perfect dishes!