From chocolate dosa to curd maggi, there have been several bizarre food trends that went viral for all weird reasons in the past. In 2021, somebody decided to make a croissant vada pav and netizens weren’t too happy about it. Because let’s face it, there was no pav in the friggin’ dish!

And, yet again, someone decided to ruin one of the best snacks in the country – samosa. No, we aren’t kidding. A user, who goes with the username @priyal, took to her social media handle and shared a picture of a new dish called cramosa, an absurd amalgamation of our all-time favourite samosa and French breakfast special croissant.

Wait, that’s not it. The dish, which is available at Delhi Airport’s (T2) Costa Coffee outlet, is served with a mint dip AKA hari pudina chutney.

Needless to mention, Twitter is not happy with the brand-new dish and this is what they had to say:

Ever since the picture was shared, it has garnered 3.3K likes along with 550+ retweets.

Would you try this dish or it’s a pass?