It’s that time of the year when chubhti-jalti garmi is at its peak. Cooler and ACs are just not enough to beat the summer. The only way to feel better is to keep yourself hydrated.

As the mercury in some parts of the country touched 50 degrees, here are some desi sherbets to cool your mind, body and soul:   

1. Shikanji  

If life gives you lemons, make some Shikanji. Find the recipe here.  

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2. Aam Panna  

A glass of Aam Panna a day, keeps the summer heat away. Find the recipe here.  

Priya Kichenette

A glass of Aam Panna a day, keeps the summer heat away. Find the recipe here.  

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3. Jal Jeera  

Oont ke munh mein jeera, beat the heat and drink Jal Jeera. Find the recipe here.  

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4. Bel Ka Sherbet  

Bel has many health benefits. Find the recipe here.  

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5. Sattu   

Sattu is extremely nutritious and refreshing. If you are running late, gulp down a glass of this drink, get energized and feel great. Find the recipe here.  

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6. Lassi  

Haters gonna hate but Lassi is simply great. Find the recipe here.  

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7. Falsa Sherbet  

Tangy and refreshing! Find the recipe here.  

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8. Chaas  

Every day is chaas day, because it’s summer & this is the most refreshing dairy alternative. Find the recipe here.  

9. Kokum Sherbet  

Have faith and bottoms up. Find the recipe here.  

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10. Variyali Sherbet  

This Gujarati sherbet made with saunf is too soothing to be true. Find the recipe here.  

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